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For today’s Stream of Consciousness, the prompt word that Linda has chosen is “fan”. The trick is to keep writing without any editing. And right now, I can’t think of anything to write. I am not a fan of so many things. If I were to make a list, it would include chicken liver, heavy makeup, dark chocolate, acne, office politics, reckless drivers, people who smoke in public places, phone calls that are full of background noise, people who can’t or won’t respect the concept of private space, people who try to impose their opinion or ideas on you. On and on goes the list. But I am a fan of many things (and people!). And I would like to think that I have a few fans in the blogosphere as well. That’s enough of that one definition for “fan”. Speaking of which, I am one of those people who will switch on the ceiling fan even if it means that I have to curl up under a blanket. For some reason, that feels extremely comfy. But during the winters, I give my ceiling fan a much-needed rest. But that being said, I am also the kind who will switch of all lights, fans, and other electric appliances if I am not using them. Aha, that reminds me of one more point to add in my list of “Things I am Not A Fan Of” – people who simply leave a room without switching off the lights/fan/*insert any other device*! What can I say – I’m all for conserving energy.

(P.S: It also reduces the electricity bill! And btw, no switching my ceiling fan on and curling up under a blanket doesn’t count. :P)

What about you? Do you have a list of “Things That You are Not a Fan Of”?

Written in response to today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt from Linda G. Hill. The challenge was to “Start your post with the word ‘where’ and write whatever comes to you.d/or to read the other entries, please click on the link.

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