Life update #ilostcount

Hello, I am all set to ring in the new year barely 4 hours from now. (Read: lying in my bed watching some stand-up comedy video that's on Amazon Prime 😂). Yes, I belong to that rare community that celebrates the new year by, well, not partying till we drop! So first up, Happy New … Continue reading Life update #ilostcount

SoCS – Where?

Where does the soul go once the life ceases to exist? I wonder if a departed soul goes to heaven or hell, or if it's simply reborn... all set for yet another journey from birth till death. They do call it the circle of life after all! Life is unpredictable, so is death. A moment … Continue reading SoCS – Where?

Prophetic tiny tale?

doubt, google

My tiny tale #39 kind of turned out to be a prophetic one. It turns out that certain users in Europe and the US couldn't access their Facebook and Instagram accounts. A networking issue caused havoc (read: being cut-off from Facebook and Instagram) until it was resolved within a few hours. Of course, this caused … Continue reading Prophetic tiny tale?

A fun game and a bit of wishful thinking!

Who knew that snails and cricket could play cricket and make us have so much fun in the process. I swear this is one of most addictive Google Doodle games ever! Initially, I just couldn't get past the 100 mark! I would get bowled out in the late nineties. It's a disappointment to get so … Continue reading A fun game and a bit of wishful thinking!

First impressions!

doubt, google

They say that the first impression is the best impression. But I tend to disagree with that. First impressions aren't always the best. That's what I feel. Sometimes, nope scratch that, most of the time, it takes so long to really know a person. Many a time, our first impression about a person isn't always … Continue reading First impressions!