Health update

The fever is done with me and thankfully, we have broken up and gone our separate ways. 😀 But I am still tired. But hey on the positive side, it turned out be a viral fever and I can resume work soon. 🙂 Thank you for all your prayers, kind words and support. I will … Continue reading Health update

short story #23: A blast from the past!

The walls of their little one-bedroom cottage were covered with tiny drawings. Each of those drawings was a multi-colored, intricate pattern, painstakingly drawn by Jamie. She loved to paint. One of her most favorite things to do was strike funny poses against the backdrop of her painting masterpieces. Dave was recollecting fond memories of his … Continue reading short story #23: A blast from the past!

Health update: I’m feeling better!

I was down with a rather vicious migraine for nearly two days. It was a horrible couple of days for me. But I am glad to announce that I am feeling much better. That being said, I am gently easing my way into blogging. I don't want to trigger another migraine by spending too much … Continue reading Health update: I’m feeling better!

Life diaries #3: Life in the time of Corona

The whole corona situation is snowballing into a full-blown crisis. Paranoia is only making things worse. But taking matters lightly is also not advised. Here in Kerala, we are proceeding towards near lockdown with all schools, colleges, recreational centres, theaters being temporarily closed down. Public gatherings and pilgrimages are being called off. Hundreds of people … Continue reading Life diaries #3: Life in the time of Corona