short story #29: Baby Lela’s Adventure – Part 2


As the title implies, this story is a sequel to short story #28: Baby Lela’s Adventure – Part 1. This short story probably may not make much sense as a stand-alone story. Click on the link to read the first part. ๐Ÿ™‚

The humans put a round object around both of their necks. Lela crouched low, raising her head at intervals to sneak a peek. At last, the humans stepped away from her parents and withdrew slowly. Her parents were still lying motionless. Lela was scared to move from her safe haven. She worried that the humans might be waiting to put her into a deep sleep tooโ€ฆ
Just when all hope seemed to be lost, her parents regained consciousness. Though they were confused and dazy at first, they managed to get on to their feet slowly. They pushed their drug-laden bodies to rush to Lela’s side as monkey-ly as possible. The adult monkeys hooted and howled as they hugged their baby fiercely. The little family stood huddled for a while. The human scientists who were carefully observing them from a distance watched in utter fascination. They didn’t know that their subjects were on their way to rescue their baby. Their leader was disappointed that they couldn’t get a radio collar on the baby. But even he was moved by the monkey family’s emotional reunion. Some of his colleagues even wiped a tear or two from their eyes. While it was true that they had temporarily captured the baby’s parents, their intentions were perfectly noble.

(The end)

This post was written in response to Sadjeโ€™s What Do You See #41 prompt. Thank you, Sadje for hosting this challenge. The challenge is to use the picture prompt as inspiration to compose an original story, poem, or a caption.

For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a baby monkey looking down from branches of a tree.

Image courtesy:ย Lewis Roberts- Unsplash

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74 thoughts on “short story #29: Baby Lela’s Adventure – Part 2

    1. Thank you so much, Jeremy. I’m so happy to hear that.
      Something about that baby monkey’s expression made me call her Lela. I love that name. Glad to know that you liked it too ๐Ÿ˜Š


    1. Thank you so much. I’m so happy to hear that ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
      However I have already been nominated for this award more than once. So I hope you’ll understand if I ask you to pass it to someone else who hasn’t received it yet. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


    1. Haha. I was waiting for this comment. While writing this,I had to tap into my memories of watching animal planet.
      Enikk ippozhum orma ond. One day, while watching the show, I was so mad at them. I was a child then. Oru koch baby deer (or it was a giraffe, I think) was hunted down by lionesses. The lions too joined in and had a hearty meal. I was so sad that the baby had to die. I remember asking my mom why the TV people didn’t save the baby. Then she told me that simhathinum vishapp adakkanamallo. Oralkk sankadam, but matte aalkku aaharam kittiyathinde Santhosham. That’s how the world works ennu. It was a pretty enlightening day. But still, I felt sad.

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