Three Line Tale #24: Crossing the bridge

An ear-splitting crash and a sense of being thrown were all that she experienced in her last moments. When she regained consciousness, she was on a wooden bridge, with a bicycle in her hand, walking towards a city full of skyscrapers whose silhouettes were a bright contrast against the setting glow of the sun. She … Continue reading Three Line Tale #24: Crossing the bridge

Hansel & Gretel – A re-telling

On the fringes of a dense forest there lived a poor family of four. The father was a poor woodcutter who struggled to make ends meet to provide for his wife, son, and daughter. The boy's name was Hansel and the girl's name was Gretel. Though they were poor when it came to wealth, their … Continue reading Hansel & Gretel – A re-telling

Three Line Tale #23: Blessing in disguise

At 5ft., she was the shortest in the gang. Her height, or rather the lack of it made her a frequent object of ridicule among her friends, but she never let the taunts get to her. Unlike her friends, she was never in danger of hitting her head if she didn't duck in time! This … Continue reading Three Line Tale #23: Blessing in disguise

short story #21: Covert operations

To a human eye, it might have seemed as if the two bald eagles were comparing notes on how to catch elusive fat rats. Perched on the highest tree that they could find, they surveyed the humans as keenly as they could.When the dogs and cats had refused to spy on the humans, Agents E … Continue reading short story #21: Covert operations

Three Line Tale #22: No pain, no gain

Ignoring the pleas of their throbbing legs, they kept climbing the seemingly never-ending makeshift steps carved into the sides of the mountain. Their backpacks felt heavier than before and their exhausted bodies were begging for relief but they never stopped until they got to the top of the hill. The beautiful view that greeted them … Continue reading Three Line Tale #22: No pain, no gain