Best Friends Forever – a tiny tale

The first time they had met each other at school, little did Ananya, Mariya and Aisha know that they would end being the best of friends. Fate and circumstances had enabled them to forge a lasting bond of friendship. Even as the seasons passed, days turned into weeks, weeks turned into years and years turned into decades, the trio remained closer than ever. As the years passed, Ananya moved to a different city for her work, Mariya got married and moved across the oceans to a different country, and Aisha’s debut novel turned out to be a bestseller! But the three friends never allowed distance, different time zones, families, careers or fame to come between them. Their bond remained stronger than ever, unmarred and precious.

This story was written in response to the following prompts – Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #123 and GirlieOnTheEdge’s Six Sentence Stories Blog Hop. Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge isΒ to write a flash fiction piece or a poem inspired by the given photo prompt. Girlie’s challenge is to use the given prompt and weave a story in exactly six sentences. The prompt word for the week is “Season”. Thanks to Fandango and Girlie for hosting these challenges. Click on the links to know more about these challenges and to read the entries by my fellow bloggers.

I’ve got several friends like this. We’ve been friends since we were at school. Our friendship has survived several years. I’ve picked up many along the way too – college, work. What about you? How long have you known your closest friends?

For the visually challenged readers, the picture shows a painting of three women walking on an urban street holding umbrellas on a rainy night.

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Image courtesy: Chin H. Shin

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179 thoughts on “Best Friends Forever – a tiny tale

  1. I’m glad that you have several friends like this in real life. I feel like I’m still searching for life-long friends like these. I am very close to my teachers from school though – hopefully me and my teachers will still be close for many more years to come. I’ve just struggled to create tight bonds with teenagers my own age because in school I was usually slightly ahead when it came to maturity.

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    1. I’m grateful to have them. I’m sorry to hear that you have struggled to create tight bonds. I hope that your bond with your teachers will be long-lasting and I hope that you’ll be able to find some great friends along the way, Simone.

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