#AtoZChallenge One-liner: P is for Painkiller

Painkiller (noun) A miracle drug that can relieve you of headache and several other body pains but unfortunately doesn't work wonders for pain caused by hurtful words, grief, heartbreaks, etc. If only there was a cure for the pain caused by those causes too! What do you think? Do let me know. The comments section … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge One-liner: P is for Painkiller

#AtoZChallenge One-liner: O is for Onion

Onion (noun) The one vegetable that ensures to take revenge on you for exploiting it; the only vegetable strong enough to make you think of wearing protective gear while slicing. 😛 I have found that keeping onions in the refrigerator (NOT the freezer!) a few minutes before slicing can stop the tears. Onions are one … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge One-liner: O is for Onion

#AtoZChallenge One-liner: N is for No

No (exclamation) A two-letter word that seems very simple but in reality, is a word that we can spend a lot of time to master. Saying no can be quite the challenge at times. My entry for the day is running late by around 12 hours. Apologies for the delay. I was held up by … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge One-liner: N is for No

#AtoZChallenge One-liner: M is for Magic

Magic (noun) The phenomenon you keep wishing for in real life (even though you know very well that it doesn't exist* ) each time you open the refrigerator and stare at the contents expectantly as if waiting for your favourite meal (or even a snack!) to appear out of thin air. *You know it's non-existent … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge One-liner: M is for Magic

#AtoZChallenge One-liner: L is for Lying

Lying (verb) When you find yourself almost automatically replying with an "I'm fine" statement whenever someone* asks you how you are. *Sometimes it's easier not to drag the unsuspecting person into the many complications that life keeps throwing at you (unless of course, they happen to be someone who's very close to you!). They may … Continue reading #AtoZChallenge One-liner: L is for Lying