The purple dreamland

The field stretched far and wide
As far as my eye could see
And much beyond, too
I trod the path carefully
The narrow path that lay
Between the thick purple bushes
That was trodden so often
That the purple had given way
To a clearing
It was the only patch of white
That remained in my sight
I walked till my feet hurt
And pleaded me
To take some much-needed rest

To be in the midst of nature
And to admire her beauty
In all its glory
Was all I ever wanted
When I had rested a while
I continued walking
I walked miles and miles
But the field of purple heather
Seemed never-ending
Though it was a sight to behold
Stuck in the purple dreamland
Was starting to take a toll on me
With startling clarity,
My mind whispered to me
Too much of anything cannot be good

Limits exist for a reason
And when they are crossed,
Order is broken into pieces,
Replaced by a world of chaos
It is a very thin line, and,
Once we cross over the threshold,
Returning might be difficult, at times,
Contentedness is what we need
And yet we seek all but that
We keep searching for more
All the while, digging ourselves deeper,
And deeper into a huge, dark pit
Far away from happiness, peace and hope

This poem was written in response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt – the #writephoto prompt. The challenge is to use the given photo prompt as an inspiration to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… light or dark, whatever you choose, as long as it is fairly family-friendly. Thank you, Sue for hosting this challenge. Click on the link to know more about this challenge and to read the entries by my fellow bloggers.

This was much darker than my usual poems and has got overages of philosophy. I was in a rather pensive mood as I composed this. In my defence, the city where I live is creating new records everyday with the number of positive cases. The recovery rate doesn’t seem to be excellent either. I hope this ordeal ends soon enough. 😦

Image courtesy: Sue Vincent

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72 thoughts on “The purple dreamland

  1. The last stanza is mindblowing Shweta.. Excess of anything is bad ..
    Like we say “Adhikam aayal Amruthum visham” (Malayalam proverb) !!
    I am loving your poems just as your stories now 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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