Let go…

I know you are hurting
Struggling to deal with the grief
It hurts my soul to see you desolate
You may think 
That you are all alone now
Now that I am no more
Nothing but a departed soul
I may be gone
But I am unforgotten
I will always live in your heart
And in your memories
Cherish the times we had together
But do not live in the past
We were happy and content
Until death stole me from you
I know it's hard
But you have to move on
Life is for the living
Don't spend it in despair
I know you are grief-stricken
A loss like this is hard to overcome
Please, don't give up
Don't let the grief consume you
I wish I could touch you
Console you and hold you close
I wish I could chase away your grief
When you break down in tears
I am helpless, invisible
A poor excuse for a shadow
For you see, I can't leave you
I can't cross over to the afterlife
Until you let me go

Losing a loved one is not easy. Life doesn’t get more unfair than that. I cannot even imagine the grief and the pain. It must seem like an endless void. The very thought of it twists my heart and breaks it apart. My heart goes to anyone who had to suffer such a loss. With time, the grief might stop clouding the memories and you will able to let happiness in. But it’s a huge struggle

This verse was written in response to the Photo Challenge #374 hosted at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Eugi’s Weekly prompt for this week – Unforgotten. The Photo Challenge is to use the photo prompt as an inspiration for a poem or short story. Eugi’s Weekly prompt challenge is to go where the prompt leads you and publish a post on your own blog. Click on the link to know more about these challenges and to read the entries by my fellow bloggers. Thank you, Nekneeraj and Eugenia for hosting these challenges. 🙂

For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a woman who’s holding a hand covered in white powder against a glass surface. Chalk marks can be seen on the glass, covering almost half of her face.

Image courtesy: Marta Bevacqua

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Stay safe.

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