#AtoZChallenge: Fate (tiny tale #13)

He emerged from the gutters, smiling to himself.
Fishing out the 100 rupee note was worth getting his only shirt covered in dirt.
Fate had led him to his first square meal in two days.

Author’s Note:

I have said this once, I’ll say it again – #NeverWasteFood

On a lighter note, do check this new brand new cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” – If the song was about food wastage!


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I have decided to join my fellow bloggers Sue and Melanie in displaying “a list of all the fiction-based A to Zs on all of our blogs, and thus engage in the ancient art of Online Cross-Promotion.” (in Melanie’s own words)

So if you yourself happen to be an A-to-Zer, who’s writing any form of fiction for this challenge, please leave a comment and let me know. I’ll definitely include your blog in my next AtoZ post. You are, of course, welcome to join us in this effort to promote fellow A-to-Zers who are also writing fiction! 🙂

Here’s my list of fiction-based A to Z blogs:

I have added the links to their very first AtoZ post. Do visit and read 🙂

Jo’s blog where she writes upbeat emotion stories.

Keith’s blog where he writes delightful tales about the fictitious village of Amble Bay.

Marquessa’s blog where writes a fictional short story series about her character Kate’s adventures in Hawaii.

Melanie’s blog where she writes short, entertaining series of tales inspired by illustrations from The Strand Magazine.

Shailaja’s blog where she writes micro fiction inspired by oxymorons.

Sorchia’s blog where she writes a serial story—a Gothic fantasy featuring vengeful witches, disappearing castles, betrayal, and romance.

Sue’s blog where she writes interesting tales about Elliot the snail’s adventures.

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